Backcountry Ski Glamping

Alaska has excellent backcountry huts with incredible ski terrain, making for the perfect winter glamping getaway.

There are many places in Alaska that offer backcountry skiing and cabins however, most are limited in amenities and good ski runs.

If you are looking to go glamping and get epic powder turns, Manitoba is the obvious choice.

Manitoba is located on a bluff above Canyon Creek, approximately a 10 to 15 minute walk or ski from the trailhead on the Seward Highway.

The lodging at Manitoba is made up of cabins and yurts.

The main structure has propane-fired stoves, solar powered lights, a fully stocked kitchen,a wood stove, a drain pipe for washing, pantry, mud room and a bedroom.

In addition to all the amenities the cabin offers you ample seating, tables, and games.

Alongside the cabin are two yurts that provide additional sleeping quarters for up to eight people.

There is also a massive shed that contains cut firewood and a large sauna with a powerful little stove to warm up after a day of backcountry skiing.

For such luxurious accommodations, Manitoba is relatively inexpensive as the whole complex can be rented for $375/night.

The entire destination can accommodate up to 16 people.

The lodgings at Manitoba are maintained by a local non-profit called Alaska Huts, which in addition to maintaining Manitoba is working on building a series of huts connecting to the upper Placer River/Trail Creek valleys.

Manitoba is a great glamping destination for weekend ski trips.

It is located at the base of Manitoba Mountain, which is the most accessible and safest backcountry ski destination in the Summit Pass area.

During the darker months in particular, it’s a joy to ski powder all day and glide back to a well-appointed hut for the night.

For the finest backcountry ski glamping, spend a weekend at Manitoba.





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