Enjoy Glamping in Australia at Truffle Lodge

We often get caught up in the doing and forget about being. It is this state-simply being-that Tasmania’s Truffle Lodge hopes to help guests reconnect with while enjoying some of Australia’s best glamping.

Truffle Lodge is just under an hour from Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart. Their tranquil location, perched along the banks of the soothing Derwent River makes it easy to slow your pace and rediscover the lost art of relaxation. Continue reading “Enjoy Glamping in Australia at Truffle Lodge”

Go Glamping in the Finger Lakes at Mountain Horse Farm

Mountain Horse Farm is a glamping destination situated on 33 wooded and pasture-covered acres in western New York’s Finger Lakes region.

A bed & breakfast, horse and farm animal sanctuary and wellness retreat, Mountain Horse Farm offers something for everyone. It’s a natural choice for those looking to reconnect with nature and themselves. Continue reading “Go Glamping in the Finger Lakes at Mountain Horse Farm”

Millennials Want More Out Of The Outdoors. Check Out These 5 Affordable Glamping Destinations For Young Adults

When it comes to experiencing nature and sleeping in the great outdoors, most millennials want more than a basic campsite and a hotdog dinner.

Millennials crave outdoor experiences that are unique, special, and above all else, story-worthy. As a millennial and nature lover, I know this to be true.

We’re a generation who largely believes that sharing our experiences are just as important as having them — especially when it comes to outdoor experiences. That’s why millennials will go the extra mile, and even spend a little more money, to have outdoor experiences that are worthy of their social media feeds.

In fact, a recent study conducted by Kampgrounds of America found that millennial campers are “very focused on quality”, value a “nice atmosphere” and look for “lots of activities” when choosing a campsite. The study also noted that 49% of millennial campers said they would like to stay in a cabin when asked “what they aspired to try” when it comes to camping.

Quality, atmosphere, activities and beyond-tent accommodations. It sounds like what millennials are looking for is a glamping experience.

But the term glamping might scare some millennials away. Glamorous camping (glamping) sounds pricey after all.

While it’s true you can spend over a $1,000 per night on some of the world’s most luxurious glamping experiences, there are plenty of affordable glamping destinations that elevate life in the outdoors to the next level while working within a millennial budget. Here are just a few.

1. Wya Point Resort – British Columbia, Canada -$100

1- Wya Point

With its bright yurts nestled along the rugged coast of Vancouver Island and just minutes away from Pacific Rim National Park, Wya Point is perfect for a millennial couples looking to splurge a little on a romantic seaside escape.

2. Moab Under Canvas – Utah, United States – $89

2 - Moab Under Canvas

While higher end canvas “suites” can go for over $300 a night, Moab Under Canvas’ tipis are an affordable way to stay in style and have access to the same amenities and services as higher paying guests.

3. El Jardin Eco Retreat – Jalisco, Mexico – $25

3 - Jardin_

Just a short boat ride from Puerto Vallarta, El Jardin Eco Resort offers a variety of rooms accommodations, including open-air palapas starting at $25 per night.

4. Nature Resort Natterer See – Natters, Austria – $80

4- Nature Lodge

Nature Resort Natterer See’s Safari Lodge Tents can accommodate over 6 people have their own kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, there’s the beautiful views of the Alps from the front terrace.

5. Horses and Huskys de los Pehuenes – Neuquen, Argentina

5 Horse and Huskys 2

Comprised of two rustic cabins located high in the Andes mountain range, Horses and Huskys offers guest a choice between two rustic cabins. In the summer, you’ll spend your time horseback riding, and in the winter, it’s all about the dog sledding.