Aman-i-Khas Day Three Morning – Contributing Writer Jen Bianco

My butler slash batman, Bijoy, woke us up an hour before dawn with tea service and some cookies. I requested to go someplace special to see the sunrise and this requires an early departure. Bobby our guide from the previous day, showed up with a driver and covered jeep to take us to Surwal Lake. The drive through rural Rajasthan was really interesting. We got to see the village wake up. There were a lot of traffic jams– caused not by cars but by cows who were hogging the road.

morning-3-2 morning-3-3

We arrived at the very peaceful and serene Surwal Lake about 15 minutes before the sun started to show. The local children were curious and very friendly and even willing to pose for me in a few photos. Once again, the staff at Aman-I–Khas hooked me up. The sunrise was beyond beautiful– and incredibly peaceful. These words aren’t usually what first comes to mind when one thinks of India. The sun started out pale pink before rapidly changing to brilliant orange as it climbed higher in the sky. Birds started coming to the water and there was a boat on the lake catching fish. It was an unforgettable morning.


After taking it all in, we started heading back and stopped along a levee where Bijoy arrived in a separate vehicle with our breakfast, which he set up a table so we could dine al fresco with a perfect view of rural Rajasthan. Bijoy served the watermelon juice I’ve grown to love here, and hard boiled eggs (exactly as I had ordered them the previous day). Tropical fresh fruit was also on the menu- with the limes and kiwis being standouts. There were, of course, hot towels so we could clean off any dust we picked up exploring the countryside. The staff at Aman-I-Khas sure knows how to take care of their guests. What a lovely end to an absolutely unforgettable morning. We drove back to the resort very happy glampers.


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