A True Glamping Experience

ABC Nightline, gives you a look inside the luxury Montana ranch, The Resort at Paws Up.

This opulent resort is offers guest luxurious camping in a safari tent.

The tent is in the middle of rural Montana offering guest the ultimate comforts inside.

Paws up, located in Greenough, Montana, has really set the standard for glamping according to ABC.

From their robes to their butlers, this glamorous camping resort takes care of their guests every need in the most luxe way possible.

“There is always a butler on duty. All you have to do is push a button, and if you don’t call, we’re just sitting around, so call and ask for some wine,” Mike Grey, a camping butler at the resort.

A few of the tents are more than a thousand square feet and inside the tents have wood floors, electric blankets, indoor plumbing and even heated floors in the bathroom.

This resort offers glampers classically trained chefs, luxe accommodations, spectacular views and a variety of activities around the property.

Activities at Paws Up range from cattle drives, skeet shooting, horseback riding, fly fishing and even spa treatments.

Ten years ago, Paws Up started out with only three tents and as the glamping trend has been on the rise, the resort now has thirty tents and twenty-eight cabins.

Experience a true glamping experience filled with an array of activities, spectacular views and luxe amenities at Paws Up Resort.

Watch the full story on ABC News, Nightline.

the resort paws up

The Resort at Paws Up in Montana


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