What is Glamping?

As the glamping trend takes off globally, many of you have asked what is glamping?

Below is a short guide to answer that always asked question.

Glamping.com is here to explain what constitutes as glamping.

So, What is glamping?

Glamping is a term derived from the two words “glamorous camping”.

Glamping is also referred to as “glam camping”, “luxe camping”, “luxury camping” and many other similar phrases.

Regardless of the specific terminology, the idea is the same, glamping brings the world of luxury into nature in the most seamless way possible.

Glamping lets you connect with nature and escape the urban life with plenty of amenities to make you comfortable.

Glamping is considered to be eco-friendly as it puts people in touch with nature with out destroying nature by building on it.

In addition, glamping brings guest the ultimate adventure by offering endless activities.

Activities include but, are not limited to hiking, biking, rafting, animal interactions, swimming, scenic walks and even wine tasting.

Glamping accommodations vary but, the most common types of glamping includes, airstreams, trailers, barns, farmhouses, cabins, pods, domes, cubes, eco lodges, huts, yurts, tents, tipis, villas and tree houses.

Glamping merges the world of luxurious accommodations with in-destination experiences.

Glamping is for everyone, it is different, it is about the experience but, mostly it is luxurious.

Glamping truly is the ultimate destination experience as you don’t just go to the destination, you are apart of the destination.

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