The Cape Town effect

Cape Town South Africa

Located at the tip of South Africa, Cape Town, affectionately referred to as the Mother City, is rightly considered as the gateway to Africa. But with a distinct climate, wider ethnic mix and unique culture, the Cape feels like a country of its own.

Flanked by Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak, Lion’s Head and Signal Hill, while simultaneously embraced by the Atlantic Ocean, the City Bowl that is created is the epicenter of South Africa’s port city. Whichever direction you look towards, riveting views abound. This is a city for outdoor lovers. Continue reading “The Cape Town effect”

Monica Suma

Monica Suma is a Romanian-American freelance travel writer and blogger, always on the hunt for art, good food and all things Cuba. Through storytelling and an insatiable pursuit for whimsy, she contributes to a variety of publications such as Lonely Planet, BBC Travel, Business Traveller and more. Follow her adventures live on Instagram and Twitter.

The Single Most Important and Underrated Factor in Travel

Glamping blog USD value in Vietnam by Blakely Downs

Let’s not sugarcoat this: Currency is synonymous with snooze-fest. But before you zone out, conjure to your mind a 90-minute massage on the beach, endless mouth watering dishes, the convenience of door-to-door service or the comfort of world-class hospitality. Now, imagine it could all be yours. Imagine that, in a single decision, you could make your money worth more. You could increase your budget exponentially, and turn your trip into a luxurious adventure. This isn’t a sleazy trick—it is absolutely possible. Continue reading “The Single Most Important and Underrated Factor in Travel”

Blakely Downs

Blakely left her job as an advertising producer in New York to turn professional traveler with her husband. As they explore, learn, give, and get lost, thrilled, and changed through distant lands, she recounts it all on her travel blog and enables couch travelers everywhere. She now contributes to as a guest writer.