QueensIand’s Five Star Luxury Glamping

Rivershore Resort is Queensland’s first five-star luxury glamping, caravanning and camping resort to call the Sunshine Coast home.

The resort is under construction at Diddilibah and will be complete in 2016, offering visitors for modern travelers.

Resort developer, Bernie McGovern said the 10 hectare site will include luxurious self-contained safari tents along with spacious areas for private caravanning and camping to cover the whole spectrum.

The resort aims to create a point of difference for tourism on the Sunshine Coast with three different accommodation options to appeal to separate markets.

The glamping trend has been becoming increasingly popular and is becoming a very lucrative tourism market in Australia.

The Rivershore Resort with offer guest creature comforts, a resort style pool, dining, recreation facilities and even conference spaces in a beautiful setting on the Maroochy River.

This glamping destination has a beautiful natural setting on the Maroochy River and the roads are concrete that will be used on site.

Their aim is to create a beautiful natural setting that is aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the resort’s beautiful natural surrounds.

The key features of this glamping resort are resort-style pool, kids pool, safe play areas, recreation facilites, gymnasium onsite, licensed cafe, waterpark area, modern and natural Queensland look and feel, glamping, powered and unpowered camping sites and tent camping area all available.

This resort is set to be Queensland’s first five-star luxury glamping, caravanning and camping resort and is set to open mid 2016.



Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.

Coral Sands and Turquoise Seas

Naturally beautiful at a tall and slender 3x.5 miles, Harbour Island has long since attracted the rich and famous from the Dutchess of Windsor to The Rockefellers to Diane Von Furstenberg. Though unlike a Palm Beach or Sant Tropez, its sophisticated without the flash. Just a handful of boutique hotels nestle between its colonial cottages and dot its pink sand beaches…one of the first and finest being Coral Sands Hotel.

02Harbour Island Town-HoneyTrek.com

In under an hour flight from Miami and ten-minute water taxi, you arrive to Harbour Island’s one and only town: Dunmore. Named after the loyalist governor of Virginia who fled the States when the Revolutionary War didn’t go his way, Dunmore Town is like a colonial dream in technicolor. From the houses to the sand to the sea to the people, everything is vibrant and full of contrasts. If it gives you a sense for style, India Hicks’ designer boutique is directly across the street from Eva’s Straw-work shack; top-notch restaurants serve fish caught from hand-thrown nets; and posh beach bars rival the parties at the corner store.

03-Coral Sands-Hotel-HoneyTrek.com

Follow the narrow streets from the Bayside, past 17th century churches and cottages, and arrive to the Coral Sands. The hotel name stems from the three miles of truly pink sand beach—one of the few and finest in the world. The 38 rooms honor its classic Caribbean colonial style but with fresh renovation, it’s now the hottest hotel place on the island.

04Coral Sands Pool.HoneyTrek.com

There is a steady and melodic breeze that wafts through the hotel, rustling the palms and amplifying the sounds of the ocean. We would start each day on our terrace, look across the pool to the beach and contemplate where we would relax first. (If only life’s decisions could all be this hard.)

05-Coral SandsActivities-HoneyTrek.com

Coral Sands sits on a very special beach, and if you don’t believe us ask the Travel Channel who voted it number one in the Caribbean. Pink sand, turquoise water, and palm-thatched tiki huts…it sweeps the ballot. We did our share of lounging in the chaise lounges but with kayaks, boogie boards, and paddleboards, we had plenty of adventures at sea.

06Coral Sands Dinner-HoneyTrek.com

While there are plenty of incredible restaurants and fun food stalls on the island, (You have to go to Queen Conch for their spicy ceviche-style salad), Coral Sands’ Terrace Restaurant is hard to beat. Executive Chef Ludovic Jarland is revered as one of the best chefs in the Caribbean for his French and Bahamian fusion. We tried to branch out and order something new each night, like the incredible mahi mahi with chili lime glaze, but the diver scallops with potato pancakes and caviar sauce, was so good we ordered it twice.

07Snorkeling Man Island-HoneyTrek.com

To explore the neighboring islands and reefs, we did a snorkel trip with Valentine’s Dive Center. We snorkeled Gretchen Reef and found nurse sharks, porcupine fish, yellow rays, and spotted eels. Though our favorite part may have been this cave on Man Island with its wavy lines like sculpted clay.

08-Junkanoo Band-HoneyTrek.com

There happened to be a very jet-set wedding taking place during our stay at Coral Sands. The Beach Bar transformed into a tropical wedding wonderland and even though we weren’t exactly invited to the wedding, we thoroughly enjoyed their Junkanoo band. This Bahamian music and festival is usually reserved for the December holiday but we hung out with this group, decked out in spangles and feathered costumes, then had our own dance party from our balcony.

09harbour island  bahamas homes

If visions of cruise ships and package vacationers had you ruling out the Bahamas, think again. Rich with history, free from chain hotels, and full of natural beauty, Harbour Island is like no other island in the archipelago. Just come to Coral Sands and stay for a while.

Anne & Mike Howard

Mike and Anne Howard left on their honeymoon in 2012 and have been traveling the world ever since. HoneyTrek.com chronicles their adventures across 7 continents, 44 countries, and counting! Their writing, photography, and the story of the “World’s Longest Honeymoon” can also be found on Condé Nast Traveler, BBC Travel, The Knot, Los Angeles Times, CBS, and dozens of other international publications. Connect with @HoneyTrek on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Backcountry Ski Glamping

Alaska has excellent backcountry huts with incredible ski terrain, making for the perfect winter glamping getaway.

There are many places in Alaska that offer backcountry skiing and cabins however, most are limited in amenities and good ski runs.

If you are looking to go glamping and get epic powder turns, Manitoba is the obvious choice.

Manitoba is located on a bluff above Canyon Creek, approximately a 10 to 15 minute walk or ski from the trailhead on the Seward Highway.

The lodging at Manitoba is made up of cabins and yurts.

The main structure has propane-fired stoves, solar powered lights, a fully stocked kitchen,a wood stove, a drain pipe for washing, pantry, mud room and a bedroom.

In addition to all the amenities the cabin offers you ample seating, tables, and games.

Alongside the cabin are two yurts that provide additional sleeping quarters for up to eight people.

There is also a massive shed that contains cut firewood and a large sauna with a powerful little stove to warm up after a day of backcountry skiing.

For such luxurious accommodations, Manitoba is relatively inexpensive as the whole complex can be rented for $375/night.

The entire destination can accommodate up to 16 people.

The lodgings at Manitoba are maintained by a local non-profit called Alaska Huts, which in addition to maintaining Manitoba is working on building a series of huts connecting to the upper Placer River/Trail Creek valleys.

Manitoba is a great glamping destination for weekend ski trips.

It is located at the base of Manitoba Mountain, which is the most accessible and safest backcountry ski destination in the Summit Pass area.

During the darker months in particular, it’s a joy to ski powder all day and glide back to a well-appointed hut for the night.

For the finest backcountry ski glamping, spend a weekend at Manitoba.





For more information on glamping and skiing in Manitoba, check out Anchorage Press.

Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.