Girly Glamping Innovations

With the increasing availability of technology in the world, glamping innovations that are geared toward fashionable woman are becoming more popular on the glamping radar.

Glamping is a term that is rapidly becoming mainstream, referring to a form of “glamorous camping.”

With technology continuing to advance and become more accessible in the world, opportunities for adventurous women are becoming more of a social norm and less of a rare opportunity.

Making outdoor living a little more livable and luxurious, these creations seek to bring more modernity and comfort to the camping experience we previously have known.

Almost always portable and with definite and obvious benefits, these products are sure to convince the hesitant campers to reconsider what it means to experience nature, and find a part of themselves they didn’t know existed.

From wallpapered campers to see through pods, almost every aspect of camping has undergone a makeover to become more sophisticated, durable and trendy.

Whether this kind of camping innovation is necessary or not is a hot topic of debate, but there’s no denying that there is a high demand for these products.

Thus, changing the way we as campers, view camping when it comes to exploring the outdoors is an innovation in itself.

Bringing all the opulent aspects of life and putting them in an activity that no one would have thought to be luxurious is something that is nothing short of historic.

Glamping may not be for everyone, but for those campers seeking adventure in the great outdoors mixed with plush accomidations, glamping will always be there.

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Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge

If you build it, they will come.

These are the famous last words of real estate developers across the world who try, but fail, in their bold attempts to create something out of nothing. Occasionally, however, someone with an exceptional vision, perfectly executed, manages to prove the old adage true.

Enter: 4 Rivers Floating Lodge.

4 Rivers Floating Lodge is a boutique glamping resort located at the confluence of four rivers at the base of the Cardamom Mountains in southwestern Cambodia. Yes, you read that correctly. As the name suggests, 4 Rivers is literally located on top of a river, a construction style inspired by the floating villages native to Cambodia’s countryside.

Credit: 4 Rivers Floating LodgePhoto Credit: 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Further, the lodge is located in a remote part of an already faraway country, about five hours west of Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh. But this did not deter us or thousands of other travelers. Like I said, “build it and they will come” occasionally works out.

Our trip started with an adventure: a harrowing, five-hour bus ride during which our driver played chicken with oncoming traffic the entire time. We spent most of the ride with our eyes closed, teeth clenched. All part of the experience, I guess. Once deposited in the village of Tatai, our journey continued with a longtail boat ride down the river.


4 Rivers Floating Lodge is only accessible by boat, naturally. After twenty minutes of putt-putting down the river, the secluded resort finally appeared in the distance, around a bend, tucked between the eastern bank and a small island.

Even though we knew what to expect, landfall — or shall I say “tentfall” — was still astonishing. There’s something hard to believe about real estate created on top of a moving body of water.

The property, if you want to call it that, consists of a landing area in the center, which includes the restaurant, the office, a library, and some back of house operations. This central landing area is flanked by two long pontoons, with six tents each, for a total of twelve suites.


Our suite was a massive safari tent with a pitched roof, great room, and ensuite bathroom. We also had a large riverdeck with lounge chairs and swim ladder.

Once settled in, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing by the river, reading, swimming, and kayaking.

We also enjoyed a bottle of pinot noir while watching an unexpectedly spectacular sunset.


The next morning, the river’s beauty continued to amaze. The surface was like a polished mirror, covered in fog which had snaked its way down from the highlands. While we rose, the land fog began its retreat from the heat of the rising sun.

After a morning swim and breakfast, we set off on one of 4 Rivers’ many nature excursions. We chose to visit the Tatai Waterfalls. Sambo, a local Khmer guide employed by the lodge, took us up the river.


Once there, Sambo immediately showed us the hidden climb up the slippery rocks and through rushing water to the top of the falls. He wasted no time demonstrating how to properly jump off. After some nervous jitters, Meghan bravely went first. Once I let her test the depth, it was my turn.


We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the falls, eating a picnic lunch, and kayaking back down the river. Among Sambo’s many talents, we learned he’s also a candid photographer when we discovered these shots on our camera afterwards. Thanks Sambo.

The waterfalls were stunning and our kayak ride further added to a connection we were starting to feel with the river. To passersby, the river might be overlooked as a mere geographical feature blended into the overall landscape. Once you get up close and personal, however, it becomes clear that the river is the source of life for everything in its path. It is the backbone for a way of life practiced by the locals for hundreds of years.

This was one of the surprises of 4 Rivers Floating Lodge. I honestly thought we’d find the “floating” aspect of the resort to be a gimmick — just a cool way to differentiate from other glampsites and ecolodges. But it’s so much more than that. By floating, you are authentically connected to the river: the cradle of life in this part of Cambodia.


In talking to Sambo and the rest of the staff, I began to understand that 4 Rivers accomplishes this connection in a sensitive manner, protecting the environment, instead of exploiting it. This is, in my opinion, the most impressive accomplishment of 4 Rivers. Unlike typical destination resorts, which purposefully isolate themselves, 4 Rivers has integrated into the community and generated remarkably positive effects on the locals and the environment.

Sambo was literally a hunter-gatherer before 4 Rivers. Now, thanks to the lodge, he and many other locals speak fluent English and hold an unusually progressive view towards protecting the environment. No longer just a natural resource, they want to preserve the environment for the future. For example, we were impressed as we noticed Sambo quietly collecting litter left behind by other shortsighted locals while we climbed the waterfalls.

For these reasons, 4 Rivers Floating Lodge has redefined what we consider to be the pinnacle of glamping. The basic promise of glamping is to provide an opportunity to enjoy nature without sacrificing modern day amenities. 4 Rivers takes this pledge one step further, providing an opportunity to not just enjoy nature, but to connect with it. And protect it.


Perhaps the old aphorism should be rephrased in 4 Rivers’ example: if you build something special, they will come.

Daniel Doyon

After a decade of running the rat race in institutional real estate investment, Dan decided to abandon the deferred life plan and pursue his dream of extended world travel while still young. He resigned from his career, sold all his possessions, and began an open-ended journey around the globe, along with his girlfriend Meghan. Dan now contributes to as a guest writer.

Vipp Dapper Den Glamping

Go glamping in the forest beneath stars without getting chilly or even lifting a finger atin a Vipp Dapper Den.

Danish design company, Vipp began in 1939 when a small metal factory owner, Holger Nelson designed his wife’s salon.

Numerous people took notice of the salon interior and demands for Nielson’s designs grew, thus creating the international company called Vipp.

You can now live in one of Vipp’s products, a mod Vipp shelter.

After their soaring success with industrial objects, the Danish designer is now trying a hand at architecture by creating a range of modern mod shelters.

These dwellings have a simplistic design. They are a black pod with glass walls and ceilings however; they offer a lot once inside.

The den will arrive unassembled; however Vipp will build and install your plug in shelter so you don’t have to lift a finger.

This could be the perfect new glamping dwelling, as you can have it placed in the middle of a forest or set up on the edge of a lake.

Wherever you choose to put this modern and stylish shelter home, Vipp will build it.

These dens have a sleek exterior that continues inside. The walls are covered in a marbled black finish with floors stripped back creating an industrial slate design.

All pods come with the basics and are fully equipped with VIP products such as tables and shelving.

The large open space downstairs offers a lounging area complete with a cushioned corner, a fully functioning kitchen and an open fireplace.

The upstairs space offers a cozy bedroom under a glass ceiling where you can sleep beneath the stars and feel at one with nature.

You will feel completely immersed in the wilderness with the glass walls, stylish interiors and open floor plan. Vipp is a five star camping experience like none other!

This five-star camping experience allows you to be completely engrossed in the wilderness due to the stark glass walls, but enjoy the comforts of home with Vipp’s stylish interiors and thought-out floor plan.





Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.