Is the Glamping Market Under Served? We Think So.

Ryan Hutchings, General Manager of, recently sat down to discuss the glamping trend with Crain’s Chicago Business.

Crain’s Chicago Business sought an in-depth understanding of the growth and opportunity that glamping generates, mainly in the United States.

Ally Marotti, a journalist for Crain’s, presented interesting questions about the glamping industry growth and the glamping market being under-served in the U.S.

Hutchings, echoed the fact that glamping is being both under served in the U.S. and is growing rapidly.

And, regarding the article, “Glamping Resort Planned for Northern Michigan,” speaks to plans for a future glamping site that is raising money to break ground in Alden, Michigan.

In reference to the glamping craze, Hutchings also articulates “It is still spread out across the country. You have a few places in Florida that serve it; you have California, Washington, Montana, and then beyond they are kind of interspersed here and there,” he said. “Unless you live in proximity to one of those places, it becomes a much bigger commitment,” said Hutchings, of the glamping trend.

In addition, has approximately 100 glamping properties in the United States alone, getting request daily, and of these request 20-30% come from the U.S.

This number is significant with an escalating consumer demand for glamping in 2015 and the growth in the glamping inventory shows that the industry as a whole is soaring.

Brad Carlson’s concept of the glamping inventory states, the more glamping inventory declares that becomes available near major attractions or heavily populated cities, the easier it will be to generate demand and fill those beds.

For example, Moab, Utah, is a very popular tourist destinations for Utah natives and travelers around the globe, offering two national parks, world class scenery and remarkable recreation.

Moab Under Canvas, is one of the best models of someone who is taking advantage of the captive population.

“People are much more willing to choose glamping over camping and even hotels if the option is available. Its just not an option in a lot of destinations yet. Weekend getaways and experiential travel vacations that are easily accessible is a huge opportunity,” says Hutchings.

With these statics and information, hopefully this proposed glamping site will break ground soon for Brad Carlson of Alden, Michigan.

Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.

Glamping with Man’s Best Friend

Pet Friendly Glamping destinations not only allow guests to enjoy a vacation with every member of their family. Below are a list of glamping locations that allow pets, which make for the best family getaway with the entire family.

Pet Friendly Glamping Destinations:

The Barn, United Kingdom
This quaint 18th century barn converted into a charming glamping site, has stunning views of the Brechfa Forest in the valley of South West Wales. Guest can enjoy the stunning views that surround them on the 22 acre farm, and the barn is dog friendly to accommodate every member of the family.

Kam Kam Dunes, Morocco
Enjoy tranquility on this friendly glamping destination in the middle of the desert. The Kam Kam Dunes offers a magical experience and stunning views. This desert camp, is unique in all aspects as well as pet friendly, so the whole family can enjoy this glamping site.

Lancewood Tipi Lodge, South Africa
This stunning glamping site at Assegai Rest Farm sits just at the foot of Langeberg Mountains in the scenic valley. This small farm is positioned just far enough away to escape from day to day life yet, close enough to have a weekend getaway with the entire family, including your pets.

Mon Intern, Spain
This beachfront glamping resort located on the Mediterranean Coast has a wild feel and a natural setting. This glamping destination, offers picturesque views with stunning accommodations and is pet friendly for the whole family to enjoy.

Camp Zagreb, Croatia
The wooden eco homes right next to the lake at the glamping camp, make for excellent accommodations make guest feel right at home. Bring the whole family along for the perfect glamping vacation as this camp is pet friendly.

Lima Escape, Portugal
With the fresh breezes and sounds of birds, guest can wake up next to the Lima River and escape from their daily lives at this glamping resort. With the excellent as well as unique accommodations and surrounding landscape this resort makes for the perfect getaway for the whole family.

Paws Up Resort, Montana
This lush resort features 5 glamping camps that come equipped with premium service and amenities. At this glamping site, there are plenty activities for guests to enjoy with their pets around the property.

Riverside Sanctuary Retreat, Australia
This private charming glamping retreat offers hexagon cabins perfect for a vacation off the grid. The stunning rustic environment lush with scenic surroundings makes for the perfect element for a weekend getaway.

Jilling Terraces, India
This scenic glamping location set on 100 acres of forest in Uttrakhand in this 80 year old home just a couple hours away from the Himalayas. The chestnut house built on 1933, offers two large suites and two rooms on the second floor offering enough space to bring the whole family on vacation.

Posh Primitive, New York
This private 150-acre luxury camping resort is located in upstate New York in the Southern Adirondacks. This glamping destination offers an all inclusive vacation for the whole family, including pets.

Mill Farm, United Kingdom
This glamping holiday appeals most to those who want to unwind and be close to nature while having the comforts of home. At the glamping location guest have the option to bring along their pets while enjoying their stay at the farm.

the barn

mon intern dog

lima escape tents

Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.

10 Best Glamping Sites Around Birmingham

Birmingham Mail has named the 10 best glamping sites, near Birmingham.

Whether you are going on a weekend getaway or a family vacation, these 10 glamping destinations will give guests the opportunity to spend time in nature with luxurious amenities.

The Miniature House

This Tiny Wood home is nestled in Southam, Warwickshire offers all the comforts of a well-appointed home with solace.

The Gypsy Caravan

In the quiet hills of South Shropshire, the 1920’s restored caravan with a luxurious wooden cabin offering glampers the amenities of their own home with the panoramic views of the hillside.

The Hobbit Hut

These unique huts, in Stratford-upon-Avon, are ideal for families as they offer snug equivalent to tents. Also, the park has beds, refrigerators, heaters, lights and electrical outlets.

The Canvas Lodge

This posh lodge in Rutland, Leicestershire offers lux amenities to make sure the guest’s have an unforgettable stay right down to their hot blankets for stargazing on the deck.

The Yurt Village

These handcrafted yurts give glampers a chance to experience off the grid living in nature, offering beds, showers and toilets to make the stay comfortable.

The Tree House

Bullbell’s Nest, located in Osbaston, Leicestershire, at Dandelion Hideaway a whimsical canvas cottage with amazing luxurious: french day bed, mahogany sleigh bed, antique leather chesterfield, hot tub, roll top bath and a wood-burning stove.

The Alpaca Dens

This glamping destinations offers, a bow top gypsy wagon, shepherd’s hut and a cabin on the lake in Tenbury Wells. This place has all the accommodations to make for the most comfortable stay in nature.

The Shepherd’s Hut

This quaint 1800s shepherd’s hut is perfect for a weekend getaway, located on a 450-acre farm in Southam, Warwickshire, offers fabulous views and breakfast.

The Bargain Break

Glamping pods located in Broadway, The Cotswolds at Manor Farm Bluebell offer stunning views for a fun place to relax and play in nature for one night or for a weekend.

The Geodome

These homemade geodome tents, located on Racquety Farm, sleep anywhere from two-eight people and come fully furnished as well as carpeted to give guest ultimate comfort while enjoying their stay on the organic farm.





Source: Birmingham Mail

Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.