Month: October 2014

High Above the Panamanian Pacific

Are you a mountain or beach person? Why choose when you can have both. Set at an elevation of 3,116 feet above the Pacific Ocean in a forest with rivers and lakes, Luxury Camping: Altos del Maria has the best of the mountains with panoramic views to the seas. Altos del Maria is an exclusive […]

Extreme Outdoors

Sitting on a beach. Walking tours. Visiting Museums. Did simply reading that first line nearly put you to sleep? I nearly feel asleep writing it. Let’s try this again. Helicopter rides. White water rafting. Off-roading. If reading that line spiked your heart rate, I’d reckon you’re longing for a good old fashioned outdoor adventure. But […]

Pine Mountain Camp California

If you’re looking for a great glamping option for a group retreat or get-together, a peaceful place for an intimate wedding, a place that’s relaxing and allows guests to reconnect with nature, a place that not only provides tranquility and seclusion but also great recreational opportunities if a guest should be so inclined, I have […]

Surprise Your Flock With a Glamping Hen Party

When you think of a hen party (that would be bachelorette party to Americans), does a glitzy location like Las Vegas or New York City come to mind? Been there done that? Why not get creative with a glamping weekend in the great outdoors that the hens will be talking about for years to come? […]

Tongabezi…The Best of Victoria Falls

The world’s largest waterfall extends 5,604 feet and crashes into the Zambezi River casting a mist that can be felt for 30 miles…but to unlock the true wonder of Victoria Falls, a stay at Tongabezi Lodge is key. As the first hotel to be built on the upper banks of Zambia’s Zambezi river, Tongabezi has […]

Day 3 At Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji

One of the things I like most about this resort is that everyday their is a different theme to the activities and outings. Today’s theme was “Fijian Culture.” Some of the activities offered were Fijian Storytelling and an outing to nearby Nukubalavu Village. We stayed on the property and enjoyed breakfast and a cooking demonstration […]

Day 2 at Jean-Michael Cousteau Resort in Fiji

Day 2 at Jean-Michel Cousteau resort started with waking up to the sounds of morning rain against the thatched roof of our bure. The room was still cozy so I made some local Fijian coffee with the coffee maker in the room and read for a bit before heading over to the main bure for […]

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort – Fiji Day 1

It’s such a pleasure to be in Fiji on assignment for I haven’t been here since my husband and I went on our honeymoon. The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort made it’s first impression at the Nadi Airport. Mini, who works for the eco-luxury hotel, greeted me at the airport. She had noticed that there was […]

5 New Shades of Glamping

Latest luxury camping alternatives for your outdoor getaway Once it was only celebrities at festivals who could afford to go ‘glamping’. Now though everyone seems to be getting in on the trend of posh camping. Whether you feel like slumbering underneath the stars in luxury yurts, or getting close to nature with wooded tree-top hideaways, […]

Eolo Glamping Review

Arriving to Eolo in Patagonia’s La Anita valley is unlike any other hotel approach experience out there. Surrounded with nothing but windswept pampas and the peaks of the region’s iconic mountains as far as the eye can see, it’s hard to imagine that a luxurious property even exists round these parts. Surprising guests is part […]