Month: May 2014

Glamping in St. Lucia: Ladera Resort Day 3

After waking up again and seeing the morning light and pink clouds above the Pitons, it’s hard not to be a little swept away by how stunning St. Lucia is, and Ladera’s location, between the Pitons especially so. I made a cup of tea in my room since Dasheene doesn’t begin serving breakfast until 7 […]

Glamping in St. Lucia: Ladera Resort Day 2

We woke up to pink clouds and birds chirping underneath the mosquito netting in room PR3 at Ladera. Since the fourth wall is missing, there was definitely an added exotic benefit– St. Lucia’s Pitons can be a bit windy and Ladera is located near Sulphur Springs, which claims to be the “Caribbean’s only drive in […]

GMC Uses Glamping in Marketing Campaign for the 2014 GMC Sierra

In a marketing campaign for the 2014 Sierra Truck, GMC invited lifestyle and automotive writers and editors to experience glamping. Their mission was to have the editors of national magazines experience the lifestyle of owning a GMC Sierra. It was reported that, editors from the Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, Huffington Post and Car and […]

Could You Spend 9 Hours In A Luxury Capsule?

Japan’s simplistic lifestyle can be useful – perhaps necessary – when in the nation’s bustling cities. For overnight travelers or layover victims there’s now a capsule hotel to fit your overnight needs with luxurious simplicity. It’s made it onto the trend boards – so you now have the excuse you’ve been waiting for to try […]

Glamping Review: Silky Oaks Lodge

“This is the last traffic light on the east coast of Australia,” my driver tells me, wiping a single bead of sweat from his sunburnt brow. “You can drive from here all the way to Cape York, the most northerly point on this continent, without having to stop for another red light.” Less than 15 […]

The Outlook Lodge: A Place in the Pines

The gentle mountain breezes began to sway the boughs of pine trees situated in front of the wraparound porch, gentle whispers of quaking aspen heard from the back patio as I rocked in my chair sipping an early-morning coffee. Colorado is known for its 300 days of sunshine, and today was not to disappoint. Located […]

A Peek Inside the Glamping Tent from 90210

The elaborate setup (pictured above) is the work of Outdoors Geek, a Denver-based outfitter whose self-proclaimed mission is to make quality camping gear accessible to everyone, at any place, at anytime. Their mission taken literally, means outfitting those of us who prefer luxury camping or glamping to traditional camping.  Outdoors Geek offers glamping options including canvas […]

Cliff Diving and Relaxing at The Caves in Jamaica

On the scenic limestone cliffs of Negril on Jamaica’s western side, we find a resort that embodies glamping and tropical hideaway, The Caves by Island Outpost. Glamping is all about finding a true ‘getaway’ where privacy, and calm allow the discerning traveler the opportunity to experience a destination to its fullest. The Caves combines the […]