Month: September 2013

Daydreaming About Blancaneaux

A secret rainforest paradise destination need not be limited to your Friday afternoon daydreams. Neither are jungle hideaways only for secret lairs of James Bond villains. Such places actually do exist and are open to the public. Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize stands out as a special place. Francis Ford Coppola thought so too, in the […]

Camping Trailer of the Future

Although glamping is still a relatively new trend it’s fun to think what the future will bring. German engineers and manufacturers at Knaus Tabbert recently revealed what it calls the “caravan of the future.” It’s called the Caravisio and its design is inspired by nautical elements and cutting edge technology advancements. Let’s talk about the […]

Spotlight: Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri is the new kid on the block for Kenyan safari camps, but they certainly do not lack talent for creating a fantastic glamping experience. Mahali Mzuri is also part of the Virgin Limited Collection of luxurious destinations around the world. Mahali Mzuri is located within the Motorogi Conservancy in the Kenya’s Maasai Mara […]

Spotlight: River Dance Lodge

Names of places are sometimes just names and don’t necessarily add to the image in my mind. However, for River Dance Lodge in Idaho, it’s different. It’s becomes obvious very quickly that this glamping destination is set in an exciting river setting. The name “River Dance” evokes an image in my mind of celebration for […]

The Resort at Paws Up Day Four – Contributing Writer Jen Bianco

The early fall weather was so perfect yesterday I decided to have a lazy day and hang out around Cliffside Camp. A team of workers came and started switching out the summer glamping tents for insulated versions so that the tents are comfortable for guests when the weather gets cooler. I had no idea they […]

Severin Safari Camp

Sometimes you just need to getaway to a safari camp in Kenya. Severin Safari Camp is an easy recommendation to give. It doesn’t get more authentic or close than Severin. Guests of Severin experience a unique combination of adventure, recreation and wellness. Few people have seen the dazzling display of colors that you get while […]

The Resort at Paws Up Day Three – Contributing Writer Jen Bianco

Last night was so much fun. 40 guests gathered on a warm Montana summer night for Resident Guest Chef Dale Levitski’s Last Best Supper. All of the produce served was bought at the Farmers Markets in Missoula and came from within a 50 mile radius of Paws Up. Seeing (and tasting) the ingredients I saw […]