10 Unique Glamping Destinations

Roasting marshmallows around an open fire is all well and good. But these camping trips include eco-friendly treehouses and gourmet meals.

Martinez says this Montana resort is one of the most popular on GlampingHub. And for good reason — Paws Up lets guests live like the fanciest cowboy on Earth. The resort’s variety of tents (in addition to ranch-style homes) offer electricity, heated floors and butlers. Yes, butlers. When Jeeves isn’t catering to guests’ every need, they can go horseback riding, fly fishing and even cattle herding. After a hard day on the ranch, visitors can head to a spa tent for a massage. And for dinner, glampers can choose a gourmet restaurant, an outdoor chuck wagon grill, or even room (well, tent) service.

Up to $2,225 per night for a 2-bedroom suite; pawsup.com


Wintertime glamping doesn’t get more extraordinary than the Whitepod estate in the Swiss Alps. Fifteen dome-shaped tents provide views of the village of Les Cerniers, and include wood-burning stoves and private bathrooms, plus decorative antiques from the region. During the day, the resort offers skiing, snowboarding, and even dog-sledding — though less active guests can choose spa treatments. Guests gather for meals in a central chalet (where they can also get their wi-fi fix), or can arrange for dinner to be delivered straight to their tents.

Up to 590 Swiss francs ($617) per night, whitepod.com.


Longitude 131 calls the Australian Outback home — but it’s miles away from “roughing it.” The resort’s tents, each named after a different Australian pioneer, include personal iPads and Bose speakers, plus daily housekeeping and turn-down service and even dry-cleaning. Automatic blinds let guests choose to enjoy the view or enjoy some air-conditioned privacy. During their stay, guests can take walking tours, camel rides and helicopter trips around Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, or just relax at the on-site pool. They can finish the day at Table 131, which serves gourmet fare in an outdoor setting, with a perfect sunset view. And with a 24-hour bar on site, the revelry never has to stop.

Up to $2190 AUD ($2258 USD) per night, for a minimum of two nights, longitude131.com.au

Canopy and Stars

Not all glamping destinations need to have a high-tech, minimalist design. Why not live like Bilbo Baggins for a weekend in Cornwall, England? Your very own Hobbit House is a part of eco-friendly vacation site Plan-it Earth, and it’s designed with the environment in mind. The house features wood-burning showers and compost toilets, but don’t think it skimps on glam; the ornately designed house features plush furniture and a skylight roof. During the day, Plan-it Earth offers strolls around its vegetable garden, classes on the environment and rural skills, and an on-site sauna.

Up to 450 GBP ($715) for a 4-night stay, canopyandstars.co.uk

Nomad Tanzania

High-end camping is nothing new when it comes to African safaris. The Greystoke Mahale camp in Western Tanzania, for instance, was established in 1988. It combines the amenities of glamping with the isolation and connection with nature of a safari. There are no roads anywhere near the camp; the only way to reach the site is a several-hour journey involving small planes and boats. The resort was built with a spectacular view in mind: its luxurious wooden bandas, or huts, are tucked into the forest with stunning vistas of Lake Tanganyika. The only large structure on the campsite is the main dining hall, plus a bar by the edge of the beach. Besides the view, the main attraction is the chimpanzees that inhabit the area. (The Mahale Mountains are home to one of the biggest chimp populations in Africa.) Each morning, guests go on guided “chimp treks,” hiking through the bush to observe them as they go about their daily lives.

Starting at $4,583 per person for a 4-night stay, including airfare from Arusha, Tanzania; nomad-tanzania.com


Miss the days of playing in a backyard treehouse? Consider Treehotel a grown-up retreat into childhood, with a modern-design twist. The Swedish resort ultimately plans to build 24 separate, completely unique tree rooms. For now, there are five; one, the Mirrorcube, blends into the landscape with a mirrored exterior, while another, the UFO, resembles a flying saucer that didn’t quite make it to the ground. Guests check in and eat meals at a nearby restaurant about a five-minute walk away from their treehouses. During the winter, the resort offers dog-sledding and ice fishing, while summer guests can mountain bike or kayak.

Up to 4450 Swedish kronor ($662 USD) for a two-person stay in the Mirrorcube, treehotel.se


Forget hiking: this glamping trip begins with a private plane ride. A 45-minute flight from Vancouver takes guests to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, where staff members cater to your every whim. No need to make detailed plans before you arrive; employees work with visitors every day to help choose between activities like whale watching (and, since it’s Canada, bear watching), kayaking, archery and zip-lining. If travelers get bored of all the wilderness, two communal tents can occupy them; one has a wi-fi equipped library, and one houses games like pool. And executive chef Ryan Orr provides “modern natural cuisine” like prosciutto-wrapped halibut and oyster chowder at the on-site restaurant.

Up to $12,100 CAD ($12,284 USD) per person for an all-inclusive 7-day stay, wildretreat.com


Glamping experiences don’t have to just include sipping Cabernet around a campfire. These eco-friendly geodesic domes in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park require more adventurous occupants. Booking a stay at EcoCamp Patagonia includes an expedition ranging from 4 to 9 days, complete with activities like hiking, cycling, skiing and safaris. EcoCamp’s highest-end trip includes three nights in the domes and four nights in four-star hotels. And the domes themselves aren’t too shabby; some are duplexes, featuring private bathrooms and gas heaters. Larger communal domes are set up for locally-sourced meals and late-night lounging.

Up to $4,345 person per trip, ecocamp.travel

Canopy and Stars

At Bodrifty Farms in Cornwall, southern England, the Roundhouse puts an historic twist on a coastal camping trip. After enjoying days of fishing, surfing, sailing and even dolphin-watching, visitors can spend the night in an Iron Age-style home. And forget opening a can of campfire beans — staying at the Roundhouse grants glampers exclusive use of the on-site garden for fresh veggies. Bonus for romantics and astronomy buffs: once the sun goes down, the lack of artificial light on the farm makes it perfect for stargazing.

Up to 275 GBP ($436) a night, canopyandstars.co.uk

Falling Waters Resort

Glamping certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. A stay at Falling Waters Resort, located in North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, costs less than a typical hotel room. Guests sleep in circular yurts, which feature queen-sized beds and hotel-like features such as coffee makers and refrigerators. But visitors won’t be lounging in bed much; the resort offers zip-lining, whitewater rafting and mountain biking. It may not feature the five-star dining and ensuite baths of more upscale glamping sites, but it’s perfect for budget-minded nature lovers.

Around $84 per night, plus tax; fallingwatersresort.com

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