Top 5 Glamping Destinations with Spectacular Scenic Spots has named The Treebones Resort, The Resort at Paws Up, Sequoia High Sierra Camp, C U Lazy Ranch and Westgate River Ranch the top 5 scenic glamping spots.

The Treebones Resort, located in Big Sur is an eco-friendly resort that hangs above the stunning cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.

Guest can enjoy the freedom from noise while staying at one of 16 yurts that the resort offers.

In addition, glampers can enjoy the resort’s wood woven nests that offer comfy beds inside to make for more enjoyable views of the landscape.


The Resort at Paws, just featured on, is a Montana ranch in the getaway town of Greenough.

The camp, located on 37,000 acres, offers 6 luxurious safari style tents overlooking the Blackfoot River.

Activities at the resort include hiking, fishing, rock climbing, rafting and cattle drives.

the resort paws up

Sequioa High Sierra Camp, at Giant Sequoia National Monument, is a California glamping destination.

The Camp, is a one mile stroll from inside the park that offers plush mattresses’ and feather down pillows for a perfect night’s sleep.

While staying here, guests can enjoy dine in meals served on a dining pavilion and hiking, stargazing or fly fishing.


The C U Lazy Ranch, located in Colorado, offers a retreat away from the urban life.

Glampers can enjoy scenic trail rides, hiking, fishing and dinner in the Granby Lodge.

The retreat has a guided ranch hand to tend to guests while they enjoy fully furnished tents with either a king size bed or four twins.

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The Westgate River Ranch, located in florida, is the perfect over night experience.

The resort offers a personal glamping concierge to make your overnight stay a memorable one in cattle country.

Breakfast is delivered to each tent and guest can enjoy an afternoon zip-lining, horseback riding, mini golf, a petting farm, or an airboat ride.


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Paws Up Glamping Location Featured on Forbes

The Resort at Paws Up was recently featured in an article with Forbes magazine.

The article chronicles a man who wanted to provide his 6 year old nephew with a billion dollar experience as opposed to the families whom take extravagant trips and leave the children at home.

Located in the beautiful, Blackfoot Valley, Paws Up is a 37,000 acre working cattle ranch that has 28 luxury homes, 30 decadent glamping tents and five private camps for extended families.

“With so much to offer, Paws Up is home to first class decadence on a grand scale. Something locals are proud to call ‘The Last Best Place,'” said, Jim Dobson a contributor to Forbes.

Having offered so many activities for him and his nephew, Dobson said that Paws Up really created a unique and un-forgettable experience for the both of them.

When staying at the Resort at Paws Up, there are many custom options for every glamper as well a well a highly trained and friendly staff, that make for an unforgettable glamping trip.

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Travel Pulse’s 4 Best Glamping Destinations

Travel Pulse has named the 4 best glamping locations around the world, and the reviews are in.

The four best locations for glampers are, The Resort at Paws up in Montana, Whitepod in Switzerland, Longitude 131 in Australia and the Hobbit House in England.

Each glamping destination has a unique touch of the outdoors with the luxury of a hotel.

The locations will offer varying amenities, but the goal of glamourous camping is to provide a real experience in nature, with the comforts of the indoors and these places do just that.

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The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

Whitepod, Switzerland

Longitude 131, Australia

Hobbit House, England