Create Your Own Glamping in Lake County

Lake County, located North of San Francisco, will be participating in the glamping event, International Glamping Weekend on June 6-7, 2015.

Local activities include fishing, birding, kayaking, boating, swimming, hiking and wine tasting while staying near the scenic clear lake.

In addition, Lake County offers waterfront camping right on the banks of Cache Creek while also been known for having the cleanest air in the United States.

While your stay in Lake County, the State Parks include Anderson Marsh State Historic Park and Clear Lake State Park.

If you are a glamping enthusiast Lake County is the place to stay offering different glamping accommodations such as trailers, cabins, cottages and an abundance of campsites where you can create your own glamping destination.

Lake County offers year around camping and plays the ideal host for a glamping weekend.

In addition to these accommodations, Lake County will be hosting the Lake Vintage Trailer and Glamping Open House for those who wish to create their own glamping trailers or cabins around Lake County.

The glamping open house will be held at Tatonka Land Mini Golf, and several properties will be participating in the international glamping weekend.

For more information on the Lake County Glamping open house check out the All Voices article, “Glamping Scene Sparkles in Lake County.”