Trip Styler Tips on Glamping

Glamping, camping, trekking, sleeping under the stars—you name it, I’ve done it. Raised on the Canada’s West Coast, learning the art of outdoor living was instilled at a young age. There’s only one problem: I despise getting dirt under my fingernails. You’d think this would be a wilderness deal breaker, but thanks to glamping, I can still savor nature without the grit and grime.

Curious if you’re a glamour-camping candidate? Here are a few insights:

1 – Determine your luxury level 
Just like hotels, glamping accommodations range from budget to luxe. Having sampled many categories of comfort in the Great Outdoors, I’m a fan of the most glitzy—think: On-demand wine at Wilson Island or elephant trekking at the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle—but there’s a time and a place for a simple campsite yurt. Sure, five-star glamping has perks such as gourmet fare, in-tent showers and feather-down beds, but don’t dismiss the most basic level: You + a heated yurt + your own gourmet cooking in the countryside.

2 – Pack for the outdoors
Glamping newbies often view the experience through a posh versus practical lens. Word to the wise: Nature is nature, whether you’re in an enclosed safari tent with a view over the Masai Mara, or in a dome deep in the woods. Leave the stilettos in the city, even if your tented accommodations are A-list, you’re still outside and need to pack warm and sensible wear for the wilderness.

3 – Essentials = happiness 
There are a few items I bring regardless of the coordinates or the topography of my glamp-site. Sunscreen, bug spray, a rain jacket and a hat top the list. My other tried-and-true glamping gem: Wipes (they aren’t just for tots)! Whether you want to disinfect your hands, clean a surface, remove your makeup or administer an impromptu ‘nature shower’ (when there’s no water source in sight), wipes are the glamping clean-all. Don’t leave home without them.

4 – Come prepared
One of my first forays into basic glamping was at a state-run campsite in Oregon. My waterproof canvas yurt had a tiny heater and three mattresses. A bathroom with coin-operated showers was 20 steps away. Here, guests are expected to bring their own, well, everything – including sheets, shampoo and a barbecue. One night, a rainstorm broke out. No problem; I had a sturdy roof over my head. What I didn’t account for was the noise of the wind, rain and branches creating a surround sound pounding-effect. Now, I don’t leave home without ear plugs.

5 – Unplug
Because glamping pairs some of the conveniences of home with the hinterland, there’s a tendency to treat the experience like you’re at a hotel with WiFi access. Resist and connect to a different power source.

14 Glamping Essentials

Sometimes the idea of camping is a lot more appealing than actually roughing it in the great outdoors. But now, thanks to the “glamping” (that’s glamourous camping) trend, even those of us who want to stay comfortable and bug-free can enjoy some time in the wild. Pitch a spacious tent and pack a bag full of woodsy-chic products that will make your outing all the more attractive. Plus, you’ll take home some sweet pictures with your printed coat, paisley bandana and Pendleton blanket that might just make your homebody friends jealous!

Clockwise from top right:
-Sigg outdoor cutlery, $25,
-Pendleton Yakima Camp blanket and blanket carrier, $25-124
-Big Sure soap, $10,
-Sunny Sports Jacquard Sox Snow navy, $40,
-Cosmic Wonder Astral Plains backpack in beige, $510,
-The Hill-Side jacquard woven paisley chambray bandana, $53,
-Malin + Goetz 1oz essential kit, $30,
-Cold Spring Apothecary all-natural bug spray, $8.50,
-Hue Coat, $120,
-Rachel Comey Piedmont boot, $230,
-Citronella travel candle, $10,
-Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir spring tip tea, $12,
-Oaxacan Travel Kit, $135,