Glamping Domes

Go Glamping in a Winter Wonderland

Sunlight sparkles on the snow like diamonds as you snowshoe along the trail. Later, you’ll warm frosty toes by the fire and reminisce on a day spent in a winter wonderland. Does the thought of winter glamping make your blood freeze? Think again. You’ll find standard winter activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dog sledding and […]

5 New Shades of Glamping

Latest luxury camping alternatives for your outdoor getaway Once it was only celebrities at festivals who could afford to go ‘glamping’. Now though everyone seems to be getting in on the trend of posh camping. Whether you feel like slumbering underneath the stars in luxury yurts, or getting close to nature with wooded tree-top hideaways, […]

A Glamping Balancing Act

“What is this gramping about?” my father asks on our way to the Ridgeback Lodge on Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick. “Dad, it’s called glaaammping, “I pronounce loudly and slowly so that hopefully this time he’ll get it correct, “it’s luxury camping.”  I reply. I’ve decided to take my parents on a road trip holiday […]

Taming the Wilds of Patagonia

The most extreme and breathtaking landscapes don’t always come right out and present themselves–you have to track them down (often with a little help from the experts).  For our trip to Torres del Paine, Chile’s most remote and alluring national park, EcoCamp Patagonia was our outfitter of choice. Their professional guides and luxurious accommodations turned […]