Great Falls Tribune Names Top Glamping Destinations in Montana

The Great Falls Tribune wrote an article on glamping in Montana, and the top glamorous camping places to visit.

Ranch at Rock Creek, located outside of Philipsburg, is one of the tribune’s soaring through the media as one of the top glamping destinations in Montana.

At Rock Ranch Creek, they offer guests a camping experience like no other.

Although, it could be argued that staying in a tent with a king-size bed that comes with fully plumbed bathrooms isn’t actually camping.

However we disagree, at Rock Creek they bring the luxury to the outdoors with several glamping (glamorous camping) options.

All the tents at the ranch have in-tent bathrooms, armoires, in-floor heating, kitchens and beds.

“It’s not like any tent you’ve ever stayed in before,” said Rich Miller, director of facilities at the ranch outside Philipsburg.

Even the most basic tents at the glamping site are luxurious, the tents are made with hard frame front porches at the front an back of the tent, they have hardwood floors and are fully furnished, each one also comes equipped with a ceiling fan to keep guests cool as well as propane stove to keep them warm during winter months.

And, all the in-suite bathrooms feature flush toilets, sinks and showers.

Heather Rue, the marketing manager at the Ranch at Rock Creek, states that people come to the ranch to try something new such as fly fishing, horseback riding or seeing a rodeo for the first time.

The next glamping destination the Great Falls Tribune talks about is, Under Canvas, an African Safari style glamping destination in Montana.

The owner, Sarah Dusek lived in Africa for many years during which she had the opportunity to stay in countless luxurious safari tents.

Dusek, whom married a Montana native, fell in love the prairie and it was then she knew she wanted to bring the African safari camping experience to in Montana.

Sarah and her husband started Under Canvas which has locations outside of Yellowstone , Glacier and Arches National Park.

Under Canvas offers a wide range of glamping tents from deluxe suite tents that offer a full bathroom, living room and king size bed to more basic tents that have no shortage of luxe comforts.

The sites also have tepees on site that are considered fairly basic in comparison the the tents but, are the most popular option among guests.

The tepees are affordable and have two cots inside for guests to sleep comfortably.

When guest stay at Under Canvas they say it feels a lot less like roughing it even though you are not pitching your own tent however, it is still camping just with out the “roughing it” aspect.

All of the tents include daily housekeeping and everything else that one would expect to see in a hotel is provided for guests.

The Resort at Paws Up, is the next luxury camping site mentioned by Great Falls Tribune.

The campgrounds at Paws Up offers on of a kind luxury camping along the banks of the Blackfoot River and the glamping site comes equipped with bulters.

The butlers at Paws Up, help guests with their luggage, serve breakfast and even make s’mores.

All the tents at the resort have hardwood floors, beds, claw foot tubs and full bathrooms attached to the tents.

The glamping destination offers an experience to camp but, in luxury where guests can have an outdoor adventure without giving up any comforts.

Source: The Great Falls Tribune: “Tourists flock to Montana to try glamping.”


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The Resort at Paws Up in Montana