Top 10 Glam Camping Must Haves

Whether you are buying for someone or yourself these high end camping accessories are sure to be the perfect fit for those who love nature and luxury.

Prada Sleeping Bag

This Prada sleeping bag is the definition of glamping in itself, its the most luxurious sleeping bag we’ve seen; perfect for those hardcore glampers.

ROK Manual Espresso Maker

The most innovative product at the London Coffee Festival in 2013, this espresso maker is electricity free. The complete kit comes with everything you need to make all the coffees you love from the comfort of the great outdoors.


Givenchy Obsedia Netted Leather Backpack

Givenchy revives an ultra-functional style with supple leather detailed with black netting perfect for any day hike.


The Ultimate Fan Flask, chair, blanket

With this lancaster folding chair, alita blanket and golden jet flask these glamourous accessories are perfect for camping under the stars next to a camp fire.


Land Rover Car Top Tent: EEZI AWN 1400 T-TOP TENT GREEN

The Series 3 1400 T-Top Roof Tent is the most popular, offering plenty of space for two and all the features you expect for a perfect glamping experience.


The Opera Luxury Camper

The Opera Camper offers a new world for glampers, it allows campers the experience of both luxury and a comfortable stay. It features two electrically adjustable beds, a boiler that provides hot water for kitchen sink and outdoor shower, warm air heating, a ceramic toilet, refrigerator with top loading and an energy-efficient LED lighting, canopy to ceiling. This luxurious camper offers glampers the perfect place to stay while out in nature.


Solar Charging Kit: Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with Power Inverter

The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit and Power Inverter offer a versatile go-anywhere power source that charges USB-, 12V- and AC devices such as laptops, tablets, e-readers and smartphones. The solar charging kit offers people a power source on the go.


Rechargeable Lantern: Coleman CPX™ 6 TRIAGO LANTERN

Take the convenience of three lights in one when you have the Coleman® CPX® 6 Triago Lantern, the lantern shines 450 ultra-bright lumens on high for up to 13 hours. This lantern is perfect for any outdoor adventure.


CamelBak All Clear self-filtering water bottle

CamelBak All Clear is a water bottle and purification system, it turns any natural water source into potable drinking water in just 60 seconds, allowing glampers to hydrate on the spot. This self filtering water bottle is perfect for any day on trails.


GoPro Hero4

The GoPro Hero4 is waterproof and features 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and Protune for photos and video. This is the perfect accessory for any glamper looking to capture their adventure.


Glamping on the Wild Side

Glamping is an adventure if anything, and if you are looking for ideas that are offbeat, unusual, or maybe even downright strange, you have a choice of unusual glamping accommodations around the world. Interestingly, the highest concentration of the truly offbeat seems to be in Europe, and in the UK in particular.

casa cubes
We’ll start off in Asia, where Casa de la Flora offers something unusual, intriguing, and highly luxurious. If you want your weird on the outside, but want it luxurious and modern on the inside, you’ll be happy with these cutting-edge cubes providing “architecture and unique design amid tropical nature.” The architects pay tribute to the namesake “flora” with living grass carpets covering the roofs of the villas.

From cubes to pods: Whitepod eco-luxury hotel and alpine experience blends the unusual with the natural seamlessly. The pods truly look like they belong in the landscape, especially in winter, when guests of this four-season resort can take advantage of the private ski slopes and dog sledding.

For a true “man cave” experience, check out Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita in Italy, an amazing hotel of caves in the village of Matera in southern Italy. The proprietors of these ancient caves take their luxury seriously, going so far as to say, “Prehistoric man might never have ventured outside the caves if they had bathrooms like these.”

glamping thorpe bbq
Wagon ho! You won’t find the next two wagon accommodations on the frontier of the American West as you might expect. This first one, featuring a “gypsy wagon” as well as a “shepherd’s hut,” a “horse lorry,” and a “love shack” is located near Banbury, England, about an hour and thirty minutes drive northwest of London, should you decide to travel by modern vehicle.

NZ Wagon
You’ll find another wagon spot in New Zealand. The hosts of Wagonstays, Mike and Jasmine want you to know that their wagon has “all the authenticity and atmosphere from 1870, but with the comfort and luxury of home,” which is in evidence with satellite television, computer controlled showers, and glass doors that lead to a balcony.

tree pod
You’ve heard of pods and tree houses, but how about a pod in a tree? These glamping globes are referred to as “tree tents,” with the Red Kite Tree Tent resort found where else but the UK, this time in Wales. One look at it and you’ll immediately see how this round rental would make any Ewok envious. You can learn more by reading a previous blog entry by Kelly Thomson.

Next up is Ecocamp Glenshee, another UK property that relishes the offbeat accommodation, with a myriad of oddball abodes from which to choose: wooden pods, a “monster” yurt, and “shielings,” or shepherd’s huts, which are found here in the beautiful wilds of Scotland. The Monster Yurt is furnished with “mementos from the Near East,” and Shieling Mohr has a llama theme, and you can go llama trekking with resident llamas Jet, Atticus, and Bradford.

canopy stars big green bus
If all these choices aren’t enough to decide, you can go to the listing of Canopy & Stars, “a colourful collection of quirky accommodation.” These curators of crazy crash pads list glamping properties across much of Europe, and feature wonderfully oddball accommodations ranging from hobbit houses and tree houses to boats, pods, and even a big green bus! No matter how you go glamping, it’s an adventure, so why be normal? Indulge your inner glamping geek at any of these offbeat accommodations.

Glamping Ahoy! – UK Shipbuilders Bring Glamping Pods Ashore

Landlubbers need not fear the tumultuous seas to enjoy a night aboard a ship now that English boat builder John Knight has employed his craftsmen to build glamping pods. A recent downturn in traditional boatbuilding got Knight, who directs a campground Waveney River Centre near Lowestoft, United Kingdom, thinking of a new way to use his boatbuilding skills.

pod interior

Great care is taken in the crafting of his cabins, using authentic boatbuilding materials like sustainable larch and pine right down to the wool insulation, which ensures a warm and pleasant slumber. The boat shaped cabins are so popular that Knight plans to add more of these ship-shape pods to create a cluster at the River Centre.

lodge deck

He notes that unlike other pods that don’t take advantage of a boat’s true design, his glamping pods make “the most of the available space, raising the level of the double bed and creating storage space.” The 14ft x 10ft pods are furnished with a full size double bed above two single beds (4″ mattresses linens not included), FreeView TV, LED lights, a double socket and loads of storage space, certainly providing a level of comfort that Ernest Shackleton would approve of.


As well as marketing the pods to other resorts, he believes the public at large will be interested in buying the “boat houses” for other purposes such as garden studios, unique sheds or guest accommodation, and so is offering them for sale online at for £11,500 including VAT (value added tax). It’s believed that should the demand for traditional boatbuilding continue to wane, crafting these glamping pods will help preserve the art.

lodge interior

Tourists can find these pods at Waveney River Center at Burgh St Peter, near Beccles, just over 100 miles northeast of London, near the city of Lowestoft on the North Sea, which is the most easterly point in the United Kingdom.


If the glamping pods are booked, guests can choose to stay in one of their luxury lodges. The marina has a fleet of boats from which to choose to rent, and the Knights are expanding their on-site pub and adding a new menu with locally-sourced food.