Month: January 2016

Affordable Luxury That Feels Like Home

I cozied up legs crossed on the floor taking in all of the warmth of the crackling fire that I could handle while spoon-feeding myself Vermont-made ice cream in a room adorned with vintage snowshoes, skates, traps and trinkets hung from the three surrounding walls. As I got up to throw another log on the […]

Canopy Camping: Camp Kekerengu

Glamping is no longer a niche experience, it has become a mainstream trend offering lodging for every type of traveler. Glamping may be a bit more costly than the usual camping experience. There is no tent to pitch or sleeping bag to unroll. You will get to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Canopy […]

Sky Beach Club: The Un-Hotel

Just a 45-minute flight from Fort Lauderdale, there’s a sliver of land that divides the teal Caribbean and the deep blue Atlantic; it’s lined with 135 beaches, coral cliffs, 8,000 locals and a handful of tourists…the majestic Eleuthera, Bahamas. We landed at the Governor’s Harbour airport and within minutes arrived at the island’s prestigious Sky […]

Welsh Wilderness Secret Yurts

There’s getting away from the urban city, and then there’s really getting away from it all. Cozying up in a luxurious yurt that overlooks the rolling Welsh hills goes is such an incredible experience. The Secret Yurts are located just outside of Welshpool in mid Wales. In addition, Each yurt is nestled among some of […]

Experiential Southern Utah with TerraVelo Tours

It’s late October and I’m peering out the front of a tightly rooted thick canvas tent staring straight up into the milky star-filled sky. This, I think to myself after a wild and work-filled summer, is living. After a few minutes of allowing my imagination to drift off into the big sky abyss, I reel […]