A Hacienda Among the Volcanoes

We drove from Quito down the Pan-American Highway, the storied road from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, towards the highest active volcano in the world…Cotopaxi. It towered over us at 19,347-feet, growing even taller with a steady stream of smoke and ash. We rounded the gravel road and the charming Hacienda el Porvenir appeared, nestled in the foothills with horses galloping and grazing. This fifth-generation ranch is carrying on the tradition of Andean cowboys and a simpler life in the dramatic páramo, and sharing it with a few dozen fortunate guests each night.

02 Tierra del Volcan Sign
Hacienda el Porvenir is in the heart of Ecuador’s Volcano Avenue, surrounded by 12 volcanoes and at the foot of the Cotopaxi National Park. We weren’t sure how we felt sleeping below an active volcano…but one look at the glacier-capped peak and steam billowing from the top, and we realized the location couldn’t be better.

03-Hacienda el Porvenir lounge

We walked into the main house, and instantly fell in love with its inviting feel and chic Ecuadorian style. A woman in traditional dress, greeted us with a tray of cheese empanadas and canalazo, a hot toddy made with naranjilla fruit and cinnamon. We wandered the farmhouse with a warm feeling in our bellies, staking out all its cozy nooks for future reading and relaxing by the fire.


All the rooms in the hotel are unique but with a unifying Andean panache. Room #16 won us over with its gabled ceilings and gorgeous view of El Pedregal Valley and the surrounding volcanoes of Pasochoa, Sincholagua, and Cayambe.

05 El Porvenir Riding-HoneyTrek.com

The hacienda encourages guests to take full advantage of its dramatic natural surroundings with everything from mountain biking, waterfall trekking, to its signature activity…horseback riding to a volcano-packed panorama. I’ll admit I have a slight fear of horses, but even I couldn’t pass up this romantic notion of donning a poncho and galloping toward a volcano. The team outfitted us in the traditional riding gear (leather chaps included), gave us a safety briefing, and then rode with us into the sunset.

06 Tierra del Volcan Bull Ring-HoneyTrek.com

We ambled up the foothills of Rumiñahui Volcano, and noticed a bull ring. Chagras, Andean Cowboy, culture lives on in the region, and Hacienda el Porvenir and its fellow Tierra del Volcan properties are helping it thrive. All their haciendas are traditional working ranches, managing more than 2,000 Toro Bravo (aka. Spanish Fighting Bulls). In July, more experienced riders are invited join the cattle drive and the annual Chagras celebration.

Watch this video of our dreamy horseback ride between the volcanoes.

07-Porvenir cuisine

After our ride, dinner never looked so good. Their restaurant focuses on Andean recipes, using ingredients grown in the nearby valleys, like purple potatoes and quinoa, beef from grass-fed cattle, fresh-baked bread and homemade aji salsa—an Ecuadorian staple at every meal. We had the tenderloin steak with huckleberry sauce…mmmmmm.

08 Cotopaxi Tour-HoneyTrek.com

Cotopaxi and its billowing steam had beckoned us long enough, it was time to get up close. The next day we set out for a hike around the base, strewn with rocks from recent and past explosions. (Cotopaxi volcano has erupted 50 times since 1738.) Our guide pointed out the lichen, wildflowers, and shrubs that can survive in this extremely harsh environment, along with the wild horses and elusive condor.


Set on 1,000+ hectares of land, Hacienda el Porvenir is preserving Andean land and culture in meaningful (and fun) ways. In addition to their luxurious properties and exciting activities, they run non-profit programs for anthropological research, condor monitoring, environmental education, Volcanic hazard mitigation, school building, and other community initiatives. Sign-up in advance for their 3-5 day Traveling Meaning programs or rest assured that even one night’s stay at the hacienda helps this incredible corner of the Andes.

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Glamping at Huttopia Sutton

Huttopia Sutton is a new mountainside glamping village just 90 minutes outside of Montreal, Canada.

This eco-friendly glamping resort was imported from France and it combines rustic lodging in a picturesque woodsy setting.

In addition, it offers glampers resort activities like, wine tasting, tennis, heated swimming pools and a children’s program.

Huttopia has cabins and tents that are set high above the town of Sutton on a stunning mountainside that is surrounded by maple and pine trees.

The resort operates a restaurant, Le Resto, that serves local wine and beer, as well as breakfast, all day pastries and an all-around supper menu.

Stay in one of the cabins or tents at this resort for the perfect weekend getaway as you are never to far from civilization in this idyllic woodsy area

These dwellings have all the conveniences of home are housed in a striking setting that has showers, bathrooms, a laundry facility, a library and a game room.

However, Huttopia Sutton does not offer a Wi-Fi signal in hopes to give guests the opportunity to unplug.

Even though there is no Wi-Fi, the resort has a television and a guest computer on-site.

Sutton is the first Huttopia venue in North America and the company is planning to open more sites in Quebec.

For more information on this stunning glamping resort, check out Montreal Gazette’s article, “’Glamping’ at Huttopia Sutton means you’re never too far from civilization.”




Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.

Five Amazing Must See Cabins in the United Kingdom

When it comes to getting away, cabins are the perfect way to escape from the urban blues.

Glamping, camping without roughing it, is way to go when you want to take a holiday.

This new trend offers so many unique and unusual ways to get outdoors with the most luxe amenities.

You can go glamping in airstreams, trailers, barns, farmhouses, pods, cottages, huts, eco lodges, tents, treehouses, tipis and cabins.

Cabineering is a new travel trend that is offered by many luxury properties, it’s a cozy way to have a memorable and experiential holiday.

Staying at a cabin gives you the comforts of home and the notable amenities of a luxury hotel.

In addition, most of these cabins are in some of the most remote and breathtaking areas around the globe.

For those of you who dream of getting away from the urban blues and getting into the outdoors, these five cabins are sure to be your next escape.

Cabin on the Lake
This cabin is a effortless one-room cabin in an blissful setting near Machynlleth in mid-Wales. It comes equipped with a double bed, wood-burning stove, covered kitchen and a shower. Guests can enjoy a swim in the lake or warm up in the hot tub. This dwelling sits on a working farm, which is home to an adult only campsite. The isolated setting is a great way you can live out your escapist dreams in comfort.

Brockloch Bothy
A new generation of architects have taken this cabin and it into a modern day hut that is both eco-friendly and trendy. This cabin is off the grid on a 190-acre farm that overlooks the Galloway Hills in Scotland. There is no shortage of activities for guests they can see the Threave Castle, Logan Botanic Garden or even explore the countryside on they 7stanes biking trails. Guests can also sit on their deck and enjoy the idyllic views that surround them.

North Star Club
Set up in 2008, this North Star Club cabin offers luxury tents that are set across 15 acres of North Yorkshire woodland. This glamping destination features eight suites that are set on 500 acres of stunning woodland. The suites have king-size beds, woodburners and even offer spa treatments. This place is the perfect getaway for the city escapee who enjoys a picturesque outdoor setting.

Grey Willow Yurts
Yabin Outside 6(1)
This cabin is a tell tell sign of how much the glamping market is expanding as it is known as a “yabin.” A yabin is a hybrid between a yurt and a cabin. This octagonal wooden structure is an eco-friendly site in the Blackdown Hills near Honiton. The yabins feature a double bed, futons, woodburning stove, furniture made from local materials and a designated campfire area.

Elmley National Nature Reserve
Elmley is a cattle farm and national nature reserve on the Isle of Sheppey. This glamping escape is encompassed by wildlife-rich grazing marsh. It has three shepherd’s huts that provide accommodations for wildlife watchers. Each hut offers guests a double bed, en-suites, woodburners and cooking facilities.

Source: Theguardian.com

Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.