Month: July 2015

Huffington Posts names 7 must see Dude Ranches

The Huffington Post names the 7 best Dude Ranches to visit this summer. Most of these ranches offer glamping accommodations to experience the most comfortable American vacation. Dude ranches are working ranches that offer one of a kind experiences on the working ranch with plenty of activities for the whole family. The 7 must see […]

The Most Sought After Glamping in the West

Here are some of the most sought after glamping resorts in the West: Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa, Colorado Nestled Between the Colorado and Utah border, Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks introduces the world’s first discovery resort. This resort was created to nourish guests’ curiosity through the art of discovery and adventure within a naturally […]

Nottingham Post Names 5 Glamping Sites to Visit This Summer

Nottingham Post names five fun glamping sites to visit near Nottingham. As summer is still in full effect, everyone is looking for the perfect glamping getaway and these destinations are just a short drive from Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire. The sites listed from the post offer an array of activities and a memorable family […]

Leicester Mercury Names the 4 Best Spots to Glamp

Between Leicestershire and Rutland, Leicester Mercury names the four best places to go glamping. Recently, the glamping trend has become popular world wide and a lot of people are jumping on the trend to do away with traditional camping. Below are the four best spots to glamp in Leicestershire. A Little Bit of Rough, Uppingham […]

The Irish Mirror Names the 5 Best Sites to Pitch a Luxury Tent

The Irish Mirror names the 5 best sites to pitch your own luxurious glamping tent. With the glamping trend, sweeping every continent, there is no shortages of glamping destinations around the world. However, Ireland has the 5 prime locations to sit your luxurious tent on while you enjoy the serene landscape. Teapot Lane, Co Leitrim […]

Glamping Merges Luxury with Nature

Not only does glamping connect people to nature in the most luxurious ways, many glamping sites offer spas for the ultimate experience. Glamping merges the two worlds by offering people a one of a kind experience outdoors, with endless activities, world class dining and spa retreats. When you visit there is a huge selection […]

What is Glamping?

As the glamping trend takes off globally, many of you have asked what is glamping? Below is a short guide to answer that always asked question. is here to explain what constitutes as glamping. So, What is glamping? Glamping is a term derived from the two words “glamorous camping”. Glamping is also referred to […]

Glamping Hits New Heights

Cliff hanging pods are now taking glamping to new heights. As the glamping trend is just taking off in the United States, other countries are taking glamping one step further. Natura Vive travel company’s Skylodge Suites, have created cliff hanging glass hotel rooms on the mountain side. These cliff hanging pods run about $1000 per […]

Get a wildlife conservancy all to yourself at Saruni Samburu

As our tiny plane dipped beneath the clouds and we caught our first glimpse of the arid plains stretched out below, a collective hush fell over the cabin. Before the plane’s wheels had even touched down on the dirt runway in Samburu, Kenya, we could see our guide Chris, dressed in a cerulean shuka and […]

Travel + Leisure names 2015 World’s Best Awards to Glamping Properties

The results of the very anticipated Travel + Leisure awards were released yesterday and we at were thrilled to see a few of our featured glamping properties were among the list. On the top 100 hotels that are named, Triple Creek Ranch, Primland, Four Seasons Bora Bora, and Singita are among the very best hotels […]