Safari to Kenya’s Ark

When you pass elephants, cheetahs, and colobus monkeys before you’ve even arrived to the safari lodge, you know you’ve picked the right place. The Ark is tucked deep into Kenya’s Aberdare National Park, a wildlife reserve spanning 300-square miles and three ecosystems. Starting in a tropical forest, ascending to the bamboo groves, then misty moorlands, we reached The Ark. Inspired by Noah’s legendary boatful of animals, its built like a ship with the liveliest watering hole at the helm. From full-service game drives to elephant watching from the sun-deck, The Ark knows how to Glamp.
Instead of just driving the main road and dashing past the gorgeous scenery, The Ark has a few creative ways to approach their lodge. We choose to meet at their sister property, The Aberdare Country Club, and set out on a safari and waterfall excursion for the most unforgettable commute.

98% of Aberdare National Park is covered by trees and bushes making for lush scenery and intense animal sightings. Just when you think all is calm in the woods, a leopard will dash across the road or a massive elephant like this will pop its head out of the trees a few feet from your vehicle. There are 2,000 Forest Elephants in the park each eating 250-300 kilos a day…good thing there are enough trees to go around!
Resembling something out of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, the Giant Forest Hog is as ugly as it is adorable. Everyone wants a piece of this big bacon but this 250+kilo beast will never run away from its predators–it charges! We were incredible lucky to spot this rare and threatened species and admire its quirky ways.
The park is said to have some of the best waterfalls in Kenya. The towering Chania falls was the first fabulous stop on our three-cascade excursion.
Next we went to the top of the three-tiered Karoo Falls for views that will make your stomach-drop and heart soar. Trees dripping in moss added to the surreal beauty.

07 Queen
For the Queen of England to go on safari, the park better be top-notch–which is precisely why Elizabeth II headed to Aberdare. (Little known fact: She was a princess when she arrived in 1952 but her father passed away during her stay in the park, so she technically became Queen of England in Aberdare National Park). While here she stopped to picnic at Magura Falls and to take a peek at its mystical cave, now aptly called Queen Cave.
In our final stretch to The Ark, our expert guide spotted this beautiful young leopard crouched in the bushes (see opening photo). What a find! As if one cat sighting wasn’t enough for the day, ten minutes later we came across this beautiful beast. This leopard was like no other we (or even our guide) had ever seen. Its bright orange coat, piercing blue eyes, and enormous size had us frozen in our tracks. (For Napoleon Dynamite fans out there, it was definitely a Liger).

09 Ark Kenya
After one incredible day, we finally reached The Ark. Perched above the forest floor, the rustic and self-admittedly quirky lodge seems to float over the trees.
With expansive balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows, the hotel design is all about connecting guests with the great African outdoors. The watering hole that sits at the helm of the hotel attracts countless elephants, warthogs, zebra, buffalo, leopards and much more to its shores. Staring out the window from these cozy sofas was like being on the comfiest safari possible.

To get a glimpse at the kind of animal action and fun we had from the comforts of The Ark, watch this unbelievable elephant bath-time video.

Spotting wildlife from the hotel balconies, sun room, or ground-level observation bunker, you feel as if you are watching a National Geographic special play out right in front of you. The Ark was one of our most engaging hotel stays, with the journey to get there being half the fun.

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Glamping Resort To Open In Bear Lake

Bear Lake, Utah will be opening it’s doors to the first high end glamping destination in the area.

Opening on July 1, Conestoga Ranch will be set to open as the glamping resort on Bear Lake.

The ranch will encompass 18 acres and accommodate up to 160 guest, overlooking the lake’s stunning waters.

Glampers can stay in a cozy covered wagons or glamping tents which will be outfitted with soft beds, fresh linens and hot showers.

In addition, the resort will have a game tent, main lodge with restaurant, shake shack and bath house.

The activities are endless at the glamping site including, water recreation with equipment available to rent, live entertainment and rodeos.

There will be 8 glamping tents and 16 custom conestoga wagons, there will be a soft opening in June to locals.

Update: Conestoga Ranch is now OPEN and accepting reservations! Visit their page on by clicking here.






Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.

Amazing Glamping Destinations That Offer Yoga

Many glamping destinations offer plenty of activities but, these few locations offer much more, they offer yoga. There is no better way to de-stress from urban living then taking a glamping trip to connect with nature and unwind with yoga. Below are a list of spectacular places to visit when planning a glamping vacation that offers an abundance of outdoor activities and yoga.

The Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming USA
Inspired by the beautiful surroundings this glamping destination takes a luxurious spin on rustic, offering a wide range of different lodging accommodations for the perfect glamping experience.

Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel, Jamaica
Nestled on the cliffs of Negril, this spa retreat offers stone cottages with stunning tropical gardens and ocean front views.

Samasati Nature Retreat, Costa Rica
Houses, Cottages and lodge rooms are nestled on this biological reserve overlooking the Carribean Sea with plenty of spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Dreamsea, Costa Rica
This glamping destination is sure to give glampers an unforgettable experience as they can learn how to surf in one of the most beautiful beaches Central America has to offer while they stay in exotic tents with a luxurious atmosphere.

Algarve Surf and Yoga Retreat, Europe
This glamping destination is a surf and yoga retreat that offers guests an eco friendly place to stay as the retreat lies hidden away in an untouched valley, the accommodations offer large tipis and safari tents so glampers can sleep privately in the outdoors with a bed.

Pedras Salgadas Spa and Nature Park, Europe
Stay in a modern eco house or tree house in this nature park that wants glampers to be able to emerge in the landscape that surrounds them.

Fiji Cousteau, Australia
This glamping location, nestled in the most stunning setting, gives glampers he ultimate luxury while also being eco friendly to the great outdoors. This glamping site gives guest serenity on the 17-acre Fiji destination.

Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp, Asia
Stay in amazing bamboo bungalows on a tropical beach where any glampers can escape from day to day life at this unique glamping location.

Japamala Resort, Asia
This eco-luxe glamping resort offers the perfect intimacy between man and nature hidden among the stunning tropical rainforest.


The SPA Retreat Boutique Hotel

brush creek ranch yoga

Algarve surf and yoga retreat

Alexandria Autrey

Recent graduate from the University of Utah with a degree in Mass Communications and previously the lead writer for Glamping LLC.