Month: August 2014

A Glamping Balancing Act

“What is this gramping about?” my father asks on our way to the Ridgeback Lodge on Kingston Peninsula in New Brunswick. “Dad, it’s called glaaammping, “I pronounce loudly and slowly so that hopefully this time he’ll get it correct, “it’s luxury camping.”  I reply. I’ve decided to take my parents on a road trip holiday […]

Sleeping in the Trees at Glacier Under Canvas

“Mom, can I sleep in the treehouse tonight?” Remember building a treehouse in the backyard with your dad? Did you dream of spending the night up in the tree watching stars twinkle through the leafy canopy? Whether your parent’s said yes or no to that request, the dream can come true again at Glacier Under […]

7 Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

When planning our trip around the world, people often asked us, “Aren’t you concerned for your safety?” We’ll admit we had some trepidation but after traveling through 33 countries across six continents, we know the world is a pretty safe place when you take the right precautions. In 675 continuous days on the road we […]

Safari at its Most Refined: Joy’s Camp

African parks are usually all about the animals but in the arid lands of Samburu, Kenya, the landscape will make your jaw drop just as fast. Samburu, Buffalo Springs, and Shaba are three reserves connected by rivers, volcanic mountains, and golden waves of grass … and with Joy’s Camp as our guide, we got to […]

Top 10 Luxury Adventure Resorts In Europe, Asia, and Oceania

The top ten picks for luxury adventure resorts in Europe, Asia and Oceania each utilize their unique location, culture and activity to offer once-in-a-lifetime vacations: Europe Mountain resorts are prime spots for outdoor activity and breathtaking vistas. Arlberg slopes in Austria have become “the cradle of Alpine skiing” ever since Thurnhers Alpenhof came into the […]

Glamping Trend Becomes Fundraiser to Help Inner City Kids

 Marketing and Development Director Sandi Weindling was hosting a fundraising dinner for the Dunes Learning Center in Chesterton, Indiana, featuring the usual live music, awards and a silent auction when she took notice of the people in attendance, all well dressed for a formal event, which stood in stark contrast to the usual attire at […]

Small Town, Big Luxury Glamping in Queensland

“People thought we were mad.  They wondered who the ‘new-to-town’ crazy women were.” Ruth said as she looked at Marion with a slight laugh and a smirk.  Their non-verbals told a story of triumph, creativity, and drive.  I knew I liked Ruth and Marion already – they were visionary, tough, and not willing to let […]

DIY Glamping

Can’t wait until your next glamping vaca? Pin It has gone glam camping crazy, and we’re catching the DIY fever too. The possibilities are endless. With all the glamping options out there it’s good to know what style of accommodations draws your attention. Canvas or dome? Isolated or in company? Check out this impressive lotus […]