Month: July 2014

Jetwing Yala: Chasing Asia’s Leopards

As we drive off on board the safari jeeps, the dusty red, clay road ahead of us is only just a modest start to our prolific wildlife explorations for the day, at the Yala National Park – the Park is known to have one of the highest leopard concentrations in the world while it is […]

How Millennials Relate to Adventure and The Outdoors

As a Millennial, one of roughly 80 million Americans born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s, I know that understanding my diverse generation can be challenging. While ample research and media coverage has focused on our addictions to cell phones, laptops and social media, more could be understood about how Millennials relate to […]

Glamping Review: Patagonia Camp

Inside Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia, there are many fabulous and transporting options for lodging, most of them highlighting the incredible natural riches of the area. But perhaps nothing will get you closer to the outdoors than a stay at Patagonia Camp and its collection of 18 luxury yurts on the edge […]

Nature Immersed Glamping Destinations

The search is always on for the unique, the nature immersed experiences – this is what drives most glampers . If you’re looking for the next luxury stop, then here are a few out-of-the-box destinations that are sure to please! It takes a seaplane ride to arrive at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. 45 minutes out of […]

Desert Luxury at Longitude 131

I looked out of my plane window and saw a reddish-orange desert landscape peppered with a surprising amount of green shrubs.  I stared at the flat, barren land surprised at how vibrant it was.  This isn’t at all what I expected from Australia’s desert and outback.  However, this vibrant color in the desert was the […]

Skinny Cow “Girls Gone Glamping” Contest

We know you’ve been waiting for a chance to get away, and now the Skinny Cow “Girls Gone Glamping” prize might just be that chance! This is for the girlfriends, a chance to leave it all behind and join us in Montana for some serious pampering – I mean camping – I mean… well, you […]

Glamping Review: Snow Hotel

Kirkenes, in northeastern Norway, is located roughly 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, right next to Russia. If you lived here, you could likely see Russia from your house. Travelers to this pocket of northern Europe are typically guests of the Norwegian working cruise line Hurtigruten, which ports in Kirkenes before making the five-night […]

Family-friendly Glamping

Summer breaks are here. The school year has led up to these few weeks of dusk-till-dawn excitement. Among the BBQs and water gun fights the kids demand some adventure. They want to play explorers out in the wilderness, and while kids might be happy pitching a tent and spending nights in a thinly-comfortable sleeping bag… […]

Jetwing Vil Uyana: Sigirya’s slice of heaven

As I wash away the sweat from climbing Sigirya Rock Fortress and its 1200 narrow steps, the elephant’s traces on my bruised legs, the dusty red soil from the Polunnarawa ancient city, and the oils from the Ayurveda massage, I hear the houseboy knocking on my door. He came to chase the lizard away. One […]