Month: March 2014

Glamping Reviews: El Capitan, Santa Barbara, CA

When I’m in the mood to escape on a California getaway, a glitzy resort on a bluff overlooking the beach is not what comes to mind. Instead I look for a setting where nature provides most of the entertainment and all of the relaxation. No, I don’t mean camping.  My solution is a glamping experience […]

First Night and Second Day at the Ranch at Rock Creek

The dinner the first night at the Ranch at Rock Creek started with a grilled romaine salad and lovely and smooth chestnut soup with Spanish sherry. I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted chestnuts in any other way than from a street vendor in New York City so it wasThe entree was a ribeye from the […]

First Day at the Ranch at Rock Creek

My connecting flight from Seattle landed at 12:30 at the Missoula airport, and Justin from the Ranch at Rock Creek met me and my group (in this case my husband, Jeff, my BFF, Zan, and her dog, Sally) at the baggage claim to drive us to the RCC. I was surprised by how pleasantly warm […]

Festival Glamping

Now that winter has officially ended, many of us are already ‘springing’ ahead with an eye towards summer. Over the past several years, festivals have become all the rage with music lovers. Despite their growth in popularity, there’s a growing number of music fans who don’t want to deal with some of the hassles and […]

Ranch at Emerald Valley: A Gem in the Mountains

The Broadmoor Resort and Spa is known for its 5-Star, 5-Diamond status, so when a glamping opportunity is available through the world-renowned resort, guests know they are in for a treat. Located 40 minutes from the Colorado Springs haven via private transfer, the Ranch at Emerald Valley is a luxury lodging opportunity set in a […]

Glamping Ahoy! – UK Shipbuilders Bring Glamping Pods Ashore

Landlubbers need not fear the tumultuous seas to enjoy a night aboard a ship now that English boat builder John Knight has employed his craftsmen to build glamping pods. A recent downturn in traditional boatbuilding got Knight, who directs a campground Waveney River Centre near Lowestoft, United Kingdom, thinking of a new way to use […]

Taming the Wilds of Patagonia

The most extreme and breathtaking landscapes don’t always come right out and present themselves–you have to track them down (often with a little help from the experts).  For our trip to Torres del Paine, Chile’s most remote and alluring national park, EcoCamp Patagonia was our outfitter of choice. Their professional guides and luxurious accommodations turned […]

Glamping Gone Overland

The word “safari” conjures images of adventurous sun-drenched days on the African savanna followed by warm evenings spent telling tall tales over fine food and wine by torchlight. It’s the original glamping, and a safari at its imagined best is an expedition that advances to a new location each evening, making the journey and destination […]

Glamping Review: Cottar’s 1920s Camp, Near Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

When the chartered prop plane flew passed Kilimanjaro’s snowy peak, I knew that the adventure that comes standard with a safari in the Serengeti awaited. However, when my traveling companions and I landed on the grassy private airstrip at Cottar’s 1920s Camp just outside Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park, I realized that not only would […]

Luxury Submarines Are No Longer Just for Super-Villains

To set the record straight, Glamping is literally defined as a fusion of glamour and camping – a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Over the last few years, the term has taken on different meanings to different people.  For a property to be listed on, for example, we stipulate that […]