Month: August 2012

7 Gorgeous Places To Go Glamping

Glamping is the newest, coolest, and most glamourous way to stay outdoors. Yes, it can cost a little more – ok, quite a lot more in some cases – than your average tent, but as a perfect combination of rustic outdoorsieness (yes that’s a word!), and chic luxury, it’s becoming massively popular all over the […]

Hotel Trend: Modular Glamping

Fodor’s We started off camping in tents. The wilderness doubled as playground and commode, and food was cooked over the fire. Then came glamping, still camping as far as we’re concerned, but glam-ed up with five-star luxuries like a king bed draped in goose down, and if you’re lucky, a personal toilet and shower. Now, […]

Glamping & Luxury Safaris in Kenya | Kichwa Tembo Tented Camps

Photo Courtesy of & Beyond Glamping has become one of the hottest luxury travel trends over the past few years—up-scale tents nestled into the natural surroundings; eating meals under the stars; getting acquainted with the great outdoors and its indigenous wildlife. Thrill-seekers, families, couples and solo travelers alike have all gotten on board with this […]

I’m Not a Camper, but I am a Glamper

Katherine Bond I don’t like to camp, but I love to glamp. That is, I don’t want to sleep in a soggy sleeping bag or spend 3 hours propping up a dingy tent while doused in bug spray. But put me in a King size bed called the “Last Best Bed,” pre-heat my tent’s bathrooms’ tile floors, […]

Glamping in Tree Houses at Chewton Glen

Taking glamping to new heights the Tree House Suites appear to float across a wooded valley and provide wonderfully unique and luxurious accommodation. Chewton Glen has created romantic and relaxing suites you will never want to leave, and deliver a truly special and desirable place to stay.                 […]

Five of the Best Glamping Sites in the UK

Priory Bay Yurts, Isle of Wight If you’re looking for somewhere that really puts the ‘glam’ in glamping site, then look no further than the newly opened yurts at Priory Bay on the Isle of Wight. With a fully-fledged butler service, it bears little resemblance at all to camping. Except for in one respect: the fact that you […]